What are the features of guaranteed mobile phone contracts?

The popularity of guaranteed mobile phones is testimony to the fact that there are scores of UK individuals that have gained from it. In the past, it was unheard of or rather impossible for a person with a poor credit rating to get approved for a phone contract with a less than average credit score. The unveiling of guaranteed mobile phones was a game changer and a herald of a new dawn. Cases of outright rejections when it came to mobile phone contracts became a thing of the past. Individuals with a history of CCJ could now apply for a phone contract and get approved without having to go through the challenges that they used to when guaranteed contracts were non-existent. The benefits of these contracts aside, what are some of the features of guaranteed mobile phone contracts?

Interest rates

The reality of things is that guaranteed contracts attract a high interest rate compared to standard or ordinary mobile phone contracts. Considering that the providers of this kind of contract do not perform credit checks or rather do not take into consideration when approving, they tend to put high interest rates as a way of mitigating risks on their sides. What this simply means is that you are bound to pay high monthly charges on guaranteed contracts as compared to ordinary contracts for individuals with a healthy credit history.


You are forgiven if you think that you will enjoy the same caliber of benefits under guaranteed contracts as you would on contracts designed for people with a good credit history. The reality of things is that guaranteed contracts have fewer benefits in comparison. You should therefore grace yourself for relatively fewer minutes, fewer text messages, fewer data bundles and any other benefits synonymous with ordinary contracts

No credit checks

Perhaps, this is one of the key features of guaranteed mobile phones and the reason it’s widely popular. When applying for guaranteed phone contracts, you do not have to worry about credit checks. As such, you are eligible to apply even if you have a history of CCJ or arrears.

Contract length

The standard minimum contract length for those with a good credit history is somewhere between 6 and 12 months. However, the same does not apply for individuals with a poor credit rating. Most guaranteed contracts require that a person be committed for a minimum contract length of 18 months.


There are restrictions on upgrade when you have a guaranteed phone contract. Considering the fact that you have a questionable history when it comes to making payments on time, it is almost impossible to upgrade to a better deal. This however does not mean that this is cast in stone as there are providers that review your account and if it is in good standing allow you to upgrade to a better package.

Upfront deposit

Most guaranteed contract providers require that you pay a small fee upfront to act as deposit. This is simply a security measure especially when you are applying for a high end phone. This deposit is refundable at the end of the contract and therefore you should not worry about it