About us

With a rich history of excellent service delivery in the UK, Munch Phones continues to be a beacon of hope to scores of UK persons with a poor credit score. Since inception, we have been steadfast in the provision of excellent services to our customers without fear or favor. We have been steadfast in offering guaranteed mobile contracts to our customers all over the UK without discriminating them on the basis of their credit score. Our belief is in the provision of quality services to our customers. We are not only concerned with approval of guaranteed mobile contracts but also take the aspect of advice seriously. We understand that financial illiteracy is the reason many people make silly decisions. As such, we take it upon ourselves to give you proper advice prior to applying for guaranteed mobile contracts.

The status of your credit score need not be the reason as to why you shouldn’t be able to avail a phone contract. You simply need to visit us today and we can assure you that we will come up with a plan for you. It doesn’t matter whether you have a history of arrears, defaults or CCJ’s. We can always work out something for you. We look and scrutinize every application on a personal level and therefore you do not need to worry about hasty generalization.