Welcome to Munch Phones

Are you residing in the UK and wondering how you can get approved for a phone contract yet your credit score is in doldrums? Have you undergone enough mental anguish while applying for a phone contract that you feel as if you’ve hit a brick wall? Have you been applying for a mobile phone contract and getting the same response? If yes, it’s time you relaxed. Sit back and let us serve you in the best way we can. At Munch Phones, we lead by example and stand by what we say and believe in. We are not your ordinary run off the mill kind of providers that promise heaven but end up delivering earth.

As a top tier provider and a successful one at that, we deliver what we promise and having a bad credit shouldn’t be the reason as to why you can’t have access to a mobile phone contract. Our guaranteed mobile phone contracts essentially give you the guarantee and peace of mind that you will be considered and get approved for a phone contract the status of your credit score notwithstanding.

What makes us unique?

For starters, at Munch Phones, we believe in treating our customers as human beings. We believe that our success over the years has been informed by the fact that we treat our customers as our most important asset. We are cognizant of the fact that we would not be in existence or as successful as we are were it not for the customers that have believed in the products and services we offer. We are indeed your listening partner. It doesn’t matter how bad you feel your credit score is or how many times your efforts to be approved for a phone contract have come to naught. We listen and look at each application made carefully without making presumptions. We are diverse, understand the market and offer different guaranteed mobile phone contract packages to our customers.

Our commitment

As a provider with many years of success helping thousands of people with a less than stellar credit score get approved for a phone contract, our commitment is in the wellbeing of our customers. We are committed to going beyond the call of duty to ensure that each and every need as well as expectation of our customers is met. We are committed to helping our customers feel loved, cared for and appreciated. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and that is why our highly trained representatives ascribe to the principles of total quality management while ensuring that continuous improvement is never compromised.

Our mission

As Munch Phones, our mission and core objective is to help as many UK citizens as possible get approved for a phone contract irrespective of how poor their credit score is. Our sole objective is to see that no one gets discriminated upon because of the status of the credit score. In addition to that, we have a mission to ensure that all the needs of our customers are met and that they do not feel discriminated. We are always working to ensure that we come up with a plan to help you get approved for a contract phone even if you have a history of arrears or CCJ.


Getting prompt approval is something that everyone hopes for when applying for a phone contract. Well, if you have had a bad experience with other providers, you need to stop worrying about it as we are standard bearers in excellent service delivery and record time approval. Once your application is received, we endeavor to approve it within the shortest time possible usually within hours! We value you as a customer and therefore fast track the approval process!